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Recap: Velisphere Endpoint Hierarchy

One of the basic principles of Velisphere is that every device that you connect has to implement one endpoint class. The endpoint class describes the device itself in terms of

– sensors
– actors
– configurable items

These three elements are what we call properties. Each property has to implement a property class, consisting of

– name
– datatype (String, Number, or Boolean)
– unit of measure (like lbs, lux, etc.)

What we need

If you want to have a new endpoint class set up, please send an email to, specifying your device as follows:

Device Name:
Device Image (PNG or JPG), attach to your request
Device Properties:
Property 1: Name, for instance “Light Sensor A”
Property 1: Which property class (see below)
Property 1: is a sensor, yes or no?
Property 1: is an actor, yes or no?
Property 1: is configurable, yes or no?

Same for all other properties, use as many as you want!

Also provide all property classes you need to have set up as follows:

Property Class 1: Name, for instance “Brightness”
Property Class 1: Datatype, for instance “Numeric”
Property Class 1: Unit of measure, for instance “Candela”

If this is the first endpoint class you are requesting to be set up, please also provide:

Vendor Name under which you want to register your device
A vendor logo you want to use

Please allow for up to 48h turn around time!