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Experimental OpenHab Cloud Server goes online

After lacking the bandwidth to finalize my original idea of an AMQP based IoT backend, I started to shift my attention to OpenHAB. It’s an open source project which provides much of what I originally intended, with a different implementation, but much more flexibility in terms of bindings etc.

One of the major differences of course remains that VeliSphere was intended to address broader IoT use cases, whereas OpenHab is really focused on the Home Automation use case. As I am currently planning to install Z-Wave in our soon-to-be-built house, it comes in quite handy.

I will try to preserve the Velisphere Designer, which I found quite decent in terms of functionality, and make it available as graphical “rules designer” for OpenHab.

In the meantime, I’ve set up my own OpenHab cloud server for testing. It can be found here: https://openhab.connectedthingslab.com

This is, for the time being, just the plain “openhab-cloud” reference server as found on the project’s GitHub repository.

To learn more about OpenHab, go to https://github.com/openhab

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